Changing lives one adventure at a time.

Our travels have taken us around the world, introducing us to individuals with needs that couldn't be ignored. We've had a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands, and we're on a mission to help thousands more.

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K2 Adventures Foundation works with disability communities in Tanzania, Peru and Nepal. Medical care in third world countries is scarce and practically inaccessible to individuals with little to no income. Sadly, this means a lot of disabilities are left untreated. To date, and with the support of our donors and sponsors, we have built a free-standing medical and dental clinic, repaired classrooms, and brought thousands of kilos of essential supplies. 

There is still a lot more heartfelt work to be done, and we can't wait for you to join us.

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Our Programs

Volunteer abroad for Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind

Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind

Moshi, Tanzania

We visited the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind in 2009 and found that many of the students were suffering from lack of medical and dental care, typical hygiene and basic necessities. We've done some amazing work there since, and there is still much more to do.

Learn more about Mwereni School

Summit Happy Home in Tanzania for orphaned children

Summit Happy Home

Arusha, Tanzania

Although Arusha is one of the most developed cities in Tanzania, it continues to struggle with crippling levels of poverty and meager living conditions. Children are disproportionately affected, that's why we partnered with Summit Happy Home to provide displaced and orphaned children with better opportunities.

Learn more about Summit Happy Home

medical volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Moshi, Tanzania

St. Joseph’s Hospital is quite literally a life-saver and a key institution in Moshi, Tanzania. They are wonderful and highly trusted partners of ours. If you’re interested in volunteering, we have opportunities for every level of medical expertise and interest at this this fully developed hospital.

Learn more about St. Joseph's Hospital

volunteer abroad in peru

Local Volunteering

Cusco, Peru

We offer many opportunities to volunteer in the local villages. Your heartwarming adventure will include distributing much needed equipment, medicine and clothing to local schools and children. You will also experience the interaction with local children in their natural surroundings.

Learn more about local volunteering

volunteer abroad in Nepal

High-Altitude Mountain Welfare Workers Association

Kathmandu, Nepal

For the past 6 years, we’ve partnered with the (HAMWWA), who have set up a project to cover the costs of education for children who’ve lost a parent in a climbing accident. We have also helped incorporate additional programs throughout the Khumbu Valley to benefit the children with their education.

Learn more about HAMWWA

Nicole Newman

Global Programs Director

K2 Adventures Foundation currently serves 3 international communities in Nepal, Peru and Tanzania. Our international support is focused on funding special projects for children and providing volunteer opportunities in these countries. Our newest program, Summit Happy Home, located in Arusha, Tanzania will focus on the health, education and living conditions by providing a safe environment, healthy accommodations, well balanced diet and medical care for 20 orphans. As one headmaster stated, "K2 is providing our Tanzanian children with opportunities they never would have had."

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