For us, this is where it all started

We visited the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind in 2009 and found that many of the students were suffering from lack of medical and dental care, typical hygiene and basic necessities. There are more than 600 students, ages 5 through 17, including 80 blind and albino children who have been orphaned or abandoned at birth.

Since that first trip, K2 Adventures has provided the students with Braille Writers, magnifiers, canes, walkers, a computer lab with 30 new computers, and all of the orphans with new mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets, mosquito nets, shoes and stuffed animals.

In addition, in 2011 K2 Adventures built a free standing medical and dental clinic to provide medical and dental teams from all over the world to travel with us and care for the children. We also employ a local dentist, doctor and nurse onsite who make sure the children remain healthy throughout the year.

We cover the costs of four teachers to help reduce the burden of overcrowded classrooms. We employ a gardener to care for the produce and fruits grown onsite, a caretaker for the fish farm and the chicken coop, a security aid, and three caregivers who look after the children in the dormitories.

Travel with us, and you’ll visit this incredible school and meet the children who will stay in your heart long after you’ve left. You’ll be helping distribute much needed equipment, medicine and clothing at the school while spending the day interacting with the beautiful children and team members from around the world.