Summit Happy Home

A place to call home.

Although Arusha is one of the most developed cities in Tanzania, it continues to struggle with crippling levels of poverty and meager living conditions. Children are disproportionately affected, and many of them are left to survive in the streets due to extreme poverty.

K2 Adventures Foundation supports a local orphanage called Summit Happy Home to provide displaced and orphaned children with a safe environment, proper accommodations, essential medical care, and much needed food & clothing. Just as importantly, we want them to experience what it is like to be treated with dignity and kindness.

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This orphanage launched in 2019 with six children ranging in age from two to eight years old. Currently there are ten children living on property along with five caregivers and staff. They believe in the inseparable bonds of families, which is why they make sure that siblings are kept together at the orphanage. Currently residing at the orphanage are six boys and four girls: brother and sister; Ana (age 7) and Baraka (age 9) brothers; Jackson (age 8) and Emmanuel (age 4) and sisters; Esther (age 6) and Glory (age 3) and Ethan (age 8) William (age 6), Namyaki (age 6) and Mathies (age 5).

The goals of Summit Happy Home is to provide the children with everything they need to grow and thrive once they enter Summit Happy Home. This includes a balanced diet, clean clothing, sleeping and living accommodations, proper education, medical and dental hygiene.

Summit Happy Home was built to be a self-sustainable project, which includes crops and a free-standing greenhouse. They have a full team managing the property onsite, including a dedicated cook, caregivers, a property manager and an English teacher.

Travel with us, and you’ll get to assist with performing minor maintenance on the property and in the garden, distributing toys and supplies or just spending a day with a child. If you’re interested in having a significant impact in the lives of underprivileged children, this is the trip for you.

General Sponsorship

During your visit, you’re likely to make a profound connection with the children at Summit Happy Home. It happens to all of us. We call this the “beautiful moment!” This year, we’re excited to announce that we have a “Child Sponsorship” program in place.

For a minimum of $75 a month, you can provide the children living on property with the financial support to cover their clothing, food, educational materials, and hygienic supplies. You will also become a member of our “Summit Society” and your contribution is tax deductible.

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