K2 Adventures Foundation believes the White Hat Project (WHP) can be the beginning of a cultural shift for victims of sexual violence in Tanzania. 

We teamed up with NSK Hospital in Arusha to bring the next phase of this initiative to life. In 2019, we started the White Hat Project with a 3-bed pilot program and realized how great the need was. Our dream was to expand the program to meet that need and serve even more young girls and women in Tanzania.

NSK Hospital has graciously donated a 5-acre plot of land to build a new 20-bed respite facility, the first women’s center of its kind in Tanzania. K2 Adventures Foundation is working with local architects in Tanzania to develop the design and operational plans, and is in the process of raising the first $400,000 needed to build the women’s center and staff it for the first year of operation. The long-term goal is to house and support up to 60 women at a time.  

The K2 WHP will be the first live-in home for pregnant females in Tanzania, providing them with life-changing prenatal support during their pregnancy and essential post-natal medical care for both mother and child. The WHP will give these young women a place to recover from their trauma during their pregnancy and post-pregnancy, as well as prepare them to successfully re-enter Tanzanian society. Additionally, the mothers will receive emotional, physical and economical support helping to prepare them for independence and life-long success. With daily support and access to proper nutrition, medical care, therapy, education and basic skills such as sewing and beading, they will learn how to care for their newborn and produce a steady income. 

Above all, the K2 women’s center will be a place where mothers and children can experience unconditional love, kindness and respect.  

We invite you to join us as a financial supporter or volunteer in this historic undertaking where we will not only change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable young girls and women, but also establish a support model that can be a standard for others to emulate. 

For additional detailed information about The White Hat Project and how you can become involved contact us at: 480-797-2950. You can also make a donation now using the form below. 

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