William Francis Cherilla K2 Prosthetic Center 

In 2022, K2 Adventures Foundation had the opportunity to partner with Hope to Walk, a non-profit that creates prosthetic limbs out of local materials in Third World countries.

Co-Founder and President of K2 Adventures Foundation, Kevin Cherilla’s dream came to fruition by helping people with limb loss and honoring his grandfather, William Francis Cherilla, who lost his leg at the age of 7 in 1915. Our goal is to provide Tanzanians experiencing limb loss with a new outlook on life.

Working in partnership with U.S. based non-profit Hope to Walk and NSK Hospital in Arusha, during the summer of 2022, K2 Adventures Foundation built and opened a brand-new prosthetic clinic, hired and trained a local prosthetist and helped the first 10 patients walk again! 

This is the first of its kind prosthetic center in Tanzania and together we are working with individuals ranging in ages from 3 years to over 70 years old. Our goal is to use the K2 Prosthetic Center as a model and training facility for other prosthetists and prosthetic centers in Africa, making it possible to expand into new countries quickly.

The need for prosthetics is great in Tanzania. Diabetes, motorcycle accidents and congenital defects were the main causes of amputations in most patients. Without doing any advertising, the team has gathered an additional 600 names of local patients that will now be added to the list for future services. Since opening in 2022 we have now successfully fitted 70 patients.

In addition to helping individuals walk again, the K2 Prosthetic Center assists individuals by opening up job opportunities, securing steady means of income which will provide for their families, as well as enabling each person to live with confidence and improve all aspects of their lives.