K2 Kitchens

Who said you can have too many cooks in the kitchen?

Cooking is one of those wonderful experiences that engage all of your senses. With something as simple as making a pizza, one gets to feel the soft dough in their hands, see the toppings turn into a masterpiece, smell the hot dough fresh out of the oven and hear the crunch when taking the first bite!

Every child loves to create something in the kitchen. K2 Kitchen makes cooking together for children with disabilities and their parents fun!

K2 Adventures Foundation provides this program in partnership with celebrated Argentinian Chef Titina Pacheco.

K2 Kitchens is the pure joy of making food with a dash of community!

This one-of-a-kind event gives children and their parents the opportunity to participate in a fun indoor event. Children get to make their own pizza and a healthy salad. For dessert, they get to decorate cookies or cupcakes! While waiting for their pizza to bake, children design boxes in which they take their leftovers home.

K2 Kitchens began in 2016 and we host this cooking extravaganza six times a year, once every two months.

We need you!

With your support, we can continue to provide children and their families the opportunity to engage their creativity and express themselves through cooking.

Here’s what you will get as a K2 Kitchens Sponsor:

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— On-site volunteering opportunities for your company employees ( maximum 5)

Crest Society Membership & recognition for one (1) year

Investment: $12,500

Six (6) programs per year

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