Once in a Lifetime Adventure


K2 Adventures Foundation brings a world of services, support and funds to people living with disabilities. Sometimes, it’s much needed equipment and supplies. Other times, much-anticipated trips to explore territories and expand existing limits. But all of the time, our goal is to empower children and adults with life challenges and disabilities, both domestically and globally - to live life to the fullest.

K2 Adventure Travel will expand your horizons and your heart, because each of our trips offers the opportunity to combine exotic travel experiences with grass roots community service. We work with local orphanages and communities in some of the countries we visit, providing children and adults who have life challenges with basic necessities, equipment and medical care.

Going the Distance to Help Kids

Señora del Carmen School 

Cusco, Peru

Without mobility, the world can seem a very small place. That was certainly true for the 80 disabled students who attend the Senora del Carmen school in Cusco, Peru each day. K2 Adventure Travel was introduced to the school in 2010 and found the students lacking wheelchairs, medical devices, basic hygiene and necessities. Since that time, K2 Adventure Travel has been able to provide students with those items, as well as walkers, canes, diapers, blankets, clothing, computers and school supplies, expanding their horizons and their opportunities.

High Altitude Mountain Workers  Welfare Association 


Kathmandu, Nepal

The main areas for income generation in Nepal are the glorious mountainous and hilly regions. These areas also pose great risks to those committed to working in the mountains as guides and porters. K2 Adventure Travel clients will be introduced to the HAMWWA organization for the first time in 2013. The organization was established to launch training programs to help workers minimize risks and provide assistance to those that have taken on disability because of their work. Some have lost their lives leaving children without parents and others have become so disabled they are not able to provide for their families. Clients will also have the opportunity to provide school supplies and work with the children in the mountains while trekking in the Khumbu.

The Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind

Moshi, Tanzania

Being part of any society is tough. Being blind is nearly impossible. More than 600 students, ages five through 17, attend the Mwereni integrated School for the Blind, including 80 blind and albino children who were orphaned or abandoned at birth. When K2 Adventure Travel first visited in 2009, many of the students were suffering from lack of medical and dental care, typical hygiene and basic necessities.

Since that first trip, K2 Adventure Travel clients have provided the students with Braille Writers, magnifiers, canes, walkers, a computer lab with 30 new computers, and provided all of the orphans with new mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets, mosquito nets, shoes and stuffed animals. In addition, K2 Adventure Travel organizes medical and dental teams to work with the children in the free standing medical and dental clinic that was built by K2 Adventure Foundation and K2 Adventure Travel donors and clients.

The gifts you offer reach far and wide to positively impact the lives of children, adults and families–whether it’s through direct donations, sponsorships, matching programs, resources or time.