Cade’s Escapades

Investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

Cade’s Escapades was created in memory of a young man named Cade Keller, who passed away in March of 2022 at the all too early age of 16.
Cade was an outside the box thinker who loved the outdoors and being in nature. Just as much, he enjoyed skateboarding, gardening, metallurgy & welding, rock climbing, cooking, designing his own clothes, cutting edge humor and rock and roll. He had magnetism, people who loved him and he especially loved a bulldog named Pearl.

Per the dictionary, “Escapades” is defined as “a usually adventurous action that runs counter to conventional conduct.”  Yep, that’s Cade alright!

Program Goals

The objective for the Cade’s Escapades program is to provide opportunity and support for local youth in the Phoenix area. K2 Adventures Foundation will work with young individuals to develop a mindset for achieving goals as we focus on the mind, body and soul with nutrition, fitness and an adventurous outdoor escapade.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the skills identified below to be successful:

  • Develop and reinforce effective communication skills.
  • Learn how to create and maintain positive relationships.
  • Build lifelong skills around physical fitness, wellness and nutrition.
  • Make positive nutrition choices to promote better health.
  • Learn how to set short-term goals that lead to a long-term accomplishment.
  • Experience time in the outdoors as the culmination of the program.

Program Description

This three-month long program provides individuals with the opportunity to work on and learn about relationship building, nutrition and physical fitness, while developing the foundation for positive life change. At the end of the three months, all individuals will have the opportunity to participate in an outdoor escapade, such as a hike in the beautiful Grand Canyon or a visit to the Big Rock Candy Mountain Ranch in Utah. Following the escapade, participants will be greeted by Charles Keller Sr., who will present each participant with a customized hammock in honor of Charles’s son, Cade. The hammock will represent peace, tranquility and healing. We hope this will be used by each participant as they reflect on this adventure and the spirit of Cade.

Program Overview

Fitness & Nutrition: Results Only Fitness

This portion of the program will be three months long.

All individuals will participate in a minimum of three workouts per week, either at Results Only Fitness located at: 7030 N 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020, or on their own following their personalized fitness program provided by Results Only Fitness. All participants must complete an initial assessment and medical history review at Results Only Fitness, so their individualized nutrition and fitness program can be written for their unique circumstances.  This assessment needs to be completed within the first week of the program.  Following their initial assessment, any participant that is not coming in person will be required to electronically submit their nutrition and workout history weekly.

Outdoor Escapade: K2 Adventure Travel

This portion of the program will be 3-4 days long. The itinerary for the outdoor escapade will vary depending on the time of year. Outdoor adventures can include a hike in the Grand Canyon, a trip to the Big Rock Candy Mountain Ranch in Utah, or a number of other adventurous outdoor escapades.

We Need You…

The Cade Keller Foundation, founded by his father Charles A. Keller Sr. and his brother Charles A. Keller II, is committed to improving lives by giving those, who might not otherwise get the chance, the opportunity to experience grand adventures in the outdoors and to strengthen themselves, while also strengthening their relationships. But there is still a lot of heartfelt work to be done.

Join us in supporting the Cade Keller Foundation and help change the life of one of tomorrow’s leaders.


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