Who We Serve

The smallest things can be the biggest challenges we face.

For some, that means being able to move across a room without assistance. For others, it’s having the resources necessary to learn. No matter what the obstacle is, finding a way to grow beyond one’s perceived limitations is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re always looking for ways to maximize the holistic impact of our work. This is what drives us to look beyond what our recipients’ “ask” and consider the bigger picture. We know from experience that our award recipients realize that their requests weren’t the ultimate goal, but simply a starting point. The real benefit — whether it’s resources or adaptive equipment — is that it allows individuals to live their lives far beyond their expectations.

Are you interested in securing an award and realizing your own potential?

Please submit an application to K2 Adventures Foundation. Our applications are reviewed quarterly, and upon approval, one of our passionate team members will contact you to coordinate the award promptly.