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Home is where the heart is, and for us that is Arizona.

We have been caring for children, adults and families with special needs and life-changing medical circumstances for over thirteen years, and we still wake up feeling like we’re just getting started.

The work we do locally is centered on granting both individual and partner charity award requests, community engagement, education and funding. K2 Adventures Foundation works specifically with disabled individuals on a case-by-case basis through an application process. To date, we have granted millions of dollars in awards.

We also collaborate with our local partners on a variety of heartfelt programs. K2 Adventures Foundation provides a multitude of services that include physical therapy, adaptive equipment, support and funds for education, as well as medical enrichment.

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Our Programs

K2 Crafts

K2 Adventures Foundation encourages the sharing of creative experiences providing a wonderful bonding and learning opportunity.

Learn more about K2 Crafts

K2 Fit & Well

This program provides young adults facing life challenges with the opportunity to focus on their personal health, wellness and fitness in order to gain strength in body, mind and spirit. 

Learn more about K2 Fit & Well

K2 Food for Families

K2 Food for Families was created to support the immediate needs of our most vulnerable populations. K2 Adventures Foundation assists community food banks and supports local partner charities in accomplishing this goal.

Learn more about K2 Food for Families

K2 Gymnastics

K2 Gymnastics provides children with disabilities and/or terminally ill, ages 3 to 10 with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses, the opportunity to join their peers in the gym for a few hours of challenging and inviting activities focusing on fun, safety and skill acquisitions.

Learn more about K2 Gymnastics

K2 Kitchens

Children love to use their creativity in the kitchen. K2 Kitchens makes cooking together for children who are disabled, and/or terminally ill, and their families both memorable and fun!

Learn more about K2 Kitchens

K2 Strength to Thrive

Everyone deserves an opportunity to live life to its fullest. K2 Strength to Thrive supports individuals through nutritional guidance, mental wellness support and access to equipment and physical therapy in order to facilitate healing while maintaining independence for as long as possible.

As part of K2 Strength to Thrive, K2 Adventures Foundation created the Cade’s Escapades program, in memory of a young man named Cade Keller, who passed away in 2022 at the all too early age of 16.

Cade’s Escapades supports young individuals through relationship building and provides them with the opportunity to develop the foundation for positive life change and cultivate success through confidence and a supportive mindset.

Learn more about K2 Strength to ThriveLearn more about Cade’s Escapades

Laurie Malone Educational Scholarship Award

K2 Adventures Foundation’s goal is to provide an avenue for students to reach their full potential.

Those who face obstacles due to disabilities or limitations have an opportunity to receive our assistance for educational enrichment. The Educational Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Laurie Malone, founding Board Member of K2 Adventures Foundation.

Apply here for the Laurie Malone Educational Scholarship Award

Mary Lou Muccino & Judy Merrill

National Programs Directors

K2’s programs for youth embraces our philosophy: “There are no disabilities, only possibilities”. All of our programs are ongoing and offered through partnerships with local organizations and are provided free of charge to children and their families. Since 2016, K2 local programs have served countless children/youth and their families. As one parent wrote, “We can’t think of anything more fun than spending the weekend with K2! Thank you for giving our kids such amazing opportunities and the courage to try something new!”

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