K2 Strength to Thrive

Inspiring hope on the road to recovery.

Triumphing over severe illness takes immense strength. It extends far beyond the doctor’s office. People deserve continued support as they face the challenges of recovery.

The grey area of individual recovery between medical treatment and full independence can leave people feeling lost and discouraged. There currently is no framework for recovery.

K2 Strength to Thrive aims to bridge this gap through nutritional guidance, mental wellness support and access to equipment and physical therapy.

There is power in food. A personalized diet with simple ingredients fuels a sound mind and can speed up the body’s healing process.

Independence requires not only physical strength but mental strength as well. Professional counseling supports a positive mindset and works to connect the mind, body and soul.

Accessibility is essential to one’s freedom of movement. Therefore much-needed medical equipment and/or physical therapy is pivotal to being self-sufficient.

Together, these three pillars of health serve as the roots to a successful recovery.

We need you…

Everyone deserves an opportunity to live life to its fullest. This program offers nutritional help, therapeutic assistance and equipment to chronically ill patients in order to facilitate healing while maintaining independence for as long as possible.

With K2 Strength to Thrive, we are addressing this reality by providing much needed support.

Here’s what you will get as a K2 Strength to Thrive Sponsor:

Title Sponsorship recognition for all K2AF Local Programs

—— Name/logo on the program landing page of our website

—— Inclusion in our quarterly email updates

Gold Butterfly Sponsorship at Summer in the City ($5,000 Value)

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Gold Mask Sponsorship at Masquerade ( $10,000 Value )

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Investment: $25,000


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